FoxDog Stampede: Our Wethers

Wethers are awesome. All the goodness (that means non-smelly-stickiness) of a doe, none of the troubles (going into heat, pregnancy, babies, milking) of a doe. Wethers can be incredible companion animals; they can be trained to pull carts. They make great brush eaters and land clearers. Some wethers tend to watch over their fellow goats like a guardian. They are wonderful friends to humans and goats and other animals that are good to them!

FoxDog Stampede Harold Godwinson

  • Color: brown to red brown with white frosting, white spots, belly band, polled
  • Date of Birth: 10 April 2019
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Poppy
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Comments: Rikke had sworn to herself that she was not keeping anymore wethers. And then, Harold came along. He's the son of the doe Poppy, who is amazingly smart and well tempered. He inherited all of that. His brother, Alfred, had to be bottle fed. Harold watched this, and brought himself around to be tamed, to sample a bit of the bottle, to learn to be a human goat. He's very tame, very sweet, just like his mother. And so, he has earned a home at FoxDog.
Harold has a goal and he is gonna achieve it!
Yep, a goal, Harold has a goal!
Gonna turn into a slide down the compost heap at any second...

FoxDog Stampede Coal

  • Color: black with huge white topknot, golden eyes
  • Date of Birth: 30 Dec 2015
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Cherry
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Comments: Coal is a sweet, mild-manner cutie. He is very even-tempered and not at all uppity. He is naturally polled. His personality and coloring are like one of our departed, much beloved, first goats, Travis. So Coal remains as the new kid babysitter, general overseer and self appointed 'what is that you have in your hands?' determiner.
3-4 months old, Coal is going about his business.
Coal about 2 months old. He is making sure I'm not doing anything bad!
Just a day or two old, with his sister Blondie.

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