FoxDog Stampede: The Bucks

FoxDog Stampede Ozzie Osbourne

  • Born: 20 April 2015
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel (Stinky)
  • Sire's Sire: Tahoma Heritage
  • Sire's Dam: AJUD My Million Dollar Baby
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Florence
  • Dam's Sire: AJUD Senor Bandido (Frito)
  • Dam's Dam: Ravencrest McKenzie (Miss Mack)
  • Color: buckskin, white spotting and topknot
  • Comments: Ozzie is Stinky's son. He is also the son of FoxDog Stampede Florence, our best milking doe at the time. Ozzie was simply too beautiful, too friendly, too all-around awesome to either sell or wether, and so he is here with us. He fathered several kids and they live up to his potential, just as he has lived up to that of his father.
Standing next to 'Peno, Ozzie is sticking his head through the fence. April 2016.
Still with his head through the fence.
Ozzie, June 2015, a month and a half old. With his first GirlFriend Stevie, who was one of 2015's runts.

AJUD Shekel ('Stinky')

  • Born: 12 May 2013
  • Sire: Tahoma Heritage
  • Sire's Sire: Celtic Critters Western Horizon
  • Sire's Dam: Axulia Hatshepsut
  • Dam: AJUD My Million Dollar Baby
  • Dam's Sire: AJUD X Milagro del Nino
  • Dam's Dam: Tahoma Velour
  • Color: buckskin, white spotting and topknot
  • Comments: Stinky is our senior buck. He is dynamite on four legs, flashy, incredibly friendly and was already a father at less than a year old! His offspring live up to the standards he's set. His daughters are beautiful, his sons are handsome. Even the plain colored ones! They all have good confirmation and the girls have great milking potential. And did I mention, he's polled?
Stinky is handsome! April, 2016. Very friendly!
Stinky the quiff-boy. Better camera, easier to photograph! April, 2015.
Look at that quiff! This is in March of 2015.
Stinky soon after his arrival at FoxDog in Sep 2013. He's so curious!
He's over 10 and a half in this pic, shaky on his pins, but very determined to have his grain!

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