FoxDog Stampede: Goats for Sale

Thanks to everyone who bought our goat kids in the past!!

We try to raise healthy strong, correct Nigerian Dwarf goats with an emphasis on milk production and color. We've been breeding goats for over 15 years now, and our goats usually have fabulous colors and are quite well built and good looking. The does generally make great milkers, for their size! All our does and bucks are purebred and registrable with the AGS and ADGA. Wethers are purebred, but not registrable, as they cannot breed. We do not at this time sell bottle babies. All our goats have tested negative for CAE before we closed our herd.

Prices are detailed under the section for each goat. If the doe or buck goat is sold unregistered/unregistrable, there is a 25$ discount on the price. Our wethers are available for 75$ each. Our does are available for 250-350$ depending upon quality. Bucks are 350-400$, depending upon quality.

We offer a 25$ refund if you purchase a doe bred here, put her on the DHI milk test and she earns a star. Just send us proof of her star and we'll send you a check for 25$!

We've Quite a Few Goats for Sale This Year

Dee sez, 'I had kids this year, Richard and Aethelstan are Mine!!!'

Because 2019 seems to have been an incredible year for wethers at FoxDog (8 of 9 newly born kids were male, and all have been wethered) we've divided the sales page up into subpages which are linked above. We are having a HERD REDUCTION sale, and the older goats listed for sale will be sold at discounted prices (25% to start). If you take more than one older goat, the discount will be higher!

Farm Hours

Visits are by appointment only. If you wish to buy goats, please email us or give us a call (email and number above) to set up a time to visit. Thank you!