Welcome to FoxDog Farm!

oregano flowers, 2019
Oregano flowers, as beautiful as their leaves are tasty!

FoxDog Farm has been in operation for about 30 years, either as a commercial farm with a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program providing vegetables and herbs or a private family farm. Since 2018, due to life changes and other factors, unfortunately the farm has not operated commercially. We still grow our own vegetables, fruits and herbs, but do not sell any produce, eggs or goats.

We used to breed and milk our Nigerian Dwarf goats. We don't do either anymore, at least for now. But we still have a herd of goats and we love helping people learn about them; how to raise and care for them, how to handle pregnant does and new kids, bucks, etc. We also love helping people learn about other things, such as growing food, being truly organic and more. We've changed this website to basically reflect that, so check back as we post more how-tos and stories of our experiences farming!

Farm Hours

Visits are by appointment only. If you wish to learn about farming, goats and/or chickens, email us at farmer@foxdogfarm.com. Thank you!