FoxDog Stampede: Older Wethers for Sale

Older Wethers

These wethers are offered for sale as part of our 2019 Herd Reduction. Their prices will be lowered by 25% at least. As usual with wethers, if you buy more than one you get an even greater discount!

FoxDog Stampede Snapdragon

  • Color: dark brown agouti
  • Date of Birth: 4 June 2017
  • Price: 75$
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Florence
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Comments: Snapdragon was one of Florence's last kids. He is smart, will be very friendly with those that treat him right. He's also very nice looking. Like most wethers from FoxDog, he has become a fairly large goat (for a Nigerian Dwarf), nevertheless, he has good manners!
SnapDragon at a year or so old. He's quite handsome!

FoxDog Stampede Bandersnatch

  • Color: black and brown agouti with liberal white spotting. He's a very good looking lad.
  • Date of Birth: 18 April 2014
  • Price: 75$
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Moonshadow
  • Sire: Poppy Patch FM Casanova
  • Comments: Bandersnatch was an only child. This shows in his size and his original bearing. After being a bit of a snot as a kid, he's become quite the gentleman. He is a very good looking, with at least 3 colors on him. He'd be a good and stable companion for a doe and he loves eating brush.
Bandersnatch in 2016, he's a handsome lad!
Bandersnatch and Broccoli in 2016.
About a month old.
Bandersnatch in back, Alice in front. He is about 3 or 4 months old here.
A year old, doing what Bandersnatches do best, Scratching!

FoxDog Stampede Gryphon

  • Color: brown/black agouti, speckled ears and nose tip. Lots of white on him too. He's absolutely gorgeous and boy does he know it!
  • Date of Birth: 27 May 2014
  • Price: 75$
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Creme Brulee
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel (or as he's known here, Stinky)
  • Comments: Grypon has all the really good and flashy points of a buck but he is a wether. Like the wether Clooney (see below), he tends to have buck behaviours and looks; with a lovely coat, nice form but annoying habits, such as scent marking and bothering the does if he's kept with them. He would be a good companion to other wethers, to bucks, or even to does if he is used to detect heat cycles and so on.
Think he knows he's a cutie?
A year old. Good looking boy, with gorgeous hair!

FoxDog Stampede Cas Broccoli

  • Color: light brown, white, black buckskin/agouti
  • Date of Birth: 10 March 2013
  • Price: 75$
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Florence
  • Sire: Poppy Patch FM Casanova
  • Comments: This is a nicely sized strong wether with the potential to be very friendly and loving. He has some impressive, dulled horns and a nice coloring. He is a bit simple minded and very calm. Because of his simple mindedness he has gotten himself into a few predicaments (ask him about the electric netting) and so is very cautious right now.
I'm a Cutie!
The cute! It burns!

FoxDog Stampede Clooney

  • Color: white, black, lots of grey and grey roaning. Very impressive
  • Date of Birth: 2 April 2012
  • Price: 75$
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Amalthea
  • Sire: Poppy Patch FM Casanova
  • Comments: Clooney is left over from a few years ago. He is a special wether, who doesn't seem to know he is not a buck. He has been fully wethered, but he acts like a buck and has long hair and all the usual bucky characteristics. Clooney would make a good companion for a buck or bucks. He would be a good companion for does as well, but he does exhibit buck behaviour, despite his castration.
A beautiful lad, at 1 year old.
He looks like a buck, acts like a buck, but is not a buck.
A really good looking lad!

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