Classes at FoxDog Farm

2016 Classes at FoxDog Farm

Many people ask us how to do things: How to grow lettuce, how to milk a goat, how to feed goats, how to care for chickens, how to make cheese, how to cook delicious vegetables, how to process animal manure for the fields, how to set up a greenhouse... the list is endless at times. We love to teach people what we do, but frankly it can sometimes be nearly impossible to take time from our paying job, the farm, to give what essentially amounts to a class on an aspect of our paying job. Therefore we've decided to formalize that teaching.

Classes are basically ad hoc. If there is something you'd like to learn, let us know. If you think we have experience in something you'd like to know about, but it's not on the following list, let us know. We are happy to do one-on-one classes if desired. Classes can fill up fast, so contact us (information in the sidebar) if there's a class in which you are interested so we can get you on the student list.

Possible Class List

  • Some Time in June
    • Greenhouse Planting/Management - what to plant, when, and how? How are the plants grown and fed? What is a hoop house, how is that built and used? What about watering?
    • Goats: Management, Care, Milking, Lives - from the arrival of your first goats, how we care for our goats, what we feed them, what kind of health care do we give, how are they milked, and how do we help them grow old and live a good life...
    • Garden/Herb Basics 101 - When you plant a garden, what happens? How does one keep the plants growing, feed them, water them, etc? How are they started and left to grow? What's 'weeding'?
  • Some Time in July
    • Cheesemaking 101 (soft and easy cheeses to make at home) - this class starts with the basics. We'll cover types of milk, types of cheese, basic equipment, sanitation, and so on. We'll make a soft cheese (like a chevre or cream cheese) and discuss how to make such in your own home.
    • Backyard Egg Laying Chickens 101 - anyone who's come to our farm has seen our chickens. They are really, truly, free-range. How do we do that, without losing them all? How can you raise chickens in your own backyard, whether free-range or not? What do they eat? What do they do? What are health considerations?
  • Some Time in August
    • High Summer in the Garden - The garden and fields are really growing now. What are some of the aspects of growing vegetables and fruit at this time of year? Which vegetables are good to grow when it's hot? Is it ever really 'hot' in western Washington?
    • Cheesemaking 102 (simple hard cheeses) – 2 day class, most happening on first day - this class builds on Cheesemaking 101. We will still be covering basics, but move on to pressing and ageing cheeses. This class is 2 days because the cheese will not come out of the press until late in the night or the next day.
  • Some Time in September
    • Late Season Gardens - the garden and fields are overflowing with abundance at this time. But it's obvious that the growing season is ending. What happens now?
    • Harvest Home: harvesting, preserving, canning - How do keep the harvest for the winter months. What equipment is needed, what kind of kitchen and sanitation.
  • Some Time in October
    • Cheesemaking 103 - making one type of cheese, affinage – aging/storing cheeses - this is the final cheese class, and it builds on the two previous. In this class we will make one kind of cheese, probably parmesan or cheddar. We will learn about aging and storing aging cheeses (affinage) and how to do it on a small scale and low budget in your home. How do you make a parmesan that is really like parmesan? A cheddar that is really cheddar? And more! This class will probably be two days long.

Classes are:

  • 1 day – 2-3 hours usually, 50-75$ per person (if member of the farm 45$ - 67.50$)
  • 2 days – 2-4 hours first day, 1-2 hours second day, 75-100$ per person (if member of the farm, 67.50$ - 90$)

If You Want to Take a Class

Please contact us via phone or email. Tell us which classes you are interested in, or which you would like to see taught. We will jointly figure out a date and time for the class. Note that some classes, such as the Greenhouse class, have to be taught early in the season. Cheese and Milk classes can't start until the goats are ready to be milked, some time in late June or so.