Welcome to FoxDog Farm!

It's coming... Spring is coming!

This website is the companion to our Farm, FoxDog Farm. Here you can find out about happenings at the farm and some of the FoxDog Farmers' interests.

FoxDog Farm has been in operation for over 20 years, either as a private family farm or a farm providing a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program providing vegetables and herbs. However, due to life changes and other factors, the farm does not sell produce anymore. We still grow our own vegetables, fruits and herbs, but do not sell any. In 2018 we've decided to shift our focus to our goats. Selected adult goats, and some yearlings are for sale on the goat sales page!

In 2018 We Offer:

  • Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats: Kids available from kidding season and selected yearlings and older adults available year round.

Currently at FoxDog Farm

Maggie's Kids from 2016, Annie and Stewie
  • We have selected goats - yearlings, and older adults for sale! See them on the sales page.