FoxDog Stampede: New Kids

Our Kids

We produce only a few kids per year here at FoxDog, some years see only 3 or 4 kids, others see 10 or 15 depending on how many multiple births the does have. It's all fun. Because our aim is to place the kids in kind and loving homes, we try to keep our breeding program manageable and produce only top quality, healthy goats suitable as pets or milking animals. We also breed for good confirmation and flashy looks, however, we do not show our goats. Milking potential is very important to us; we find that good milking genes are also good show goat confirmation genes.

All our kids are purebred Nigerian Dwarves and most are registrable with AGS or ADGA. All are dam raised, and we try to handle them from birth (some years that's harder than others) to make them friendly from the start. Every once in a while we have a special kid which needs more attention, for example in 2012 that was FoxDog Stampede Maggie.

All adult goats at FoxDog tested negative for CAE before we closed the herd.

All kids are given preliminary vaccinations for enterotoxemia C and D and tetanus upon request. Fecal tests are done on farm, and show that our goats and kids are generally untroubled by worms.

Our 2017 Pairings

  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Maureen
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Date of Kidding: 17 May 2017
  • Notes: Maureen had three wonderful kids; Thistle, Bud and Dahlia. This first two are bucks and will be wethered. As usual, they are almost too cute!
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Princess Milan
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Date of Kidding: 28 May 2017
  • Notes: Princess produced two lovely girls, Poppy and Peony, for her fourth kidding!
  • Dam: FoxDog Stampede Florence
  • Sire: AJUD Shekel
  • Date of Kidding: 4 June 2017
  • Notes: This was Florence's 4th kidding. She has two lovely huge boys, Snapdragon and Kornflower, and one dainty gorgeous little girl named Lily!

Here's some fun pics from previous kidding seasons!