The Departed

Their Lives Made a Difference in Ours

This page shows how long we've been keeping goats. Most of the beloved animals on this page died of old age, or complications thereof. Some, like the bucks, died because they were too old and frail to keep up with the challenges of the younger bucks. Others simply passed away peacefully. Others were cruelly torn from us by a cougar; we have learned to counteract the animal's hunting and have not lost any goats to the cougar since then. And wee Kelly died of cancer as she approached old age.

What follows are some pictures of these belated goats. We loved each and every one.

Taken Before Their Time

In Fall of 2013 our farm was visited by a cougar. This secretive and majestic animal has a taste for goats, young goats. We have lost three yearlings to the cougar as of Spring 2014. Our philosophy has always been that as humans we are smarter than animals and therefore can outwit the animal rather than kill it or displace it. We must admit, the cougar has been trying this conviction. However, we have basically solved the problem. The goats are put in at night. Instead of being allowed to roam about the pasture, they come in to a holding area very close to the house at night and are let out to graze again the next morning.

We had high hopes for these young does, taken from life so suddenly and brutally. We will not forget them. See you over the rainbow bridge FoxDog Stampede Tara, FoxDog Stampede Caramel and FoxDog Stampede Pumpkin. We still mourn you.