FoxDog Farm

Mack IconAbout the Farm

FoxDog Farm is a family owned farm which grew and sold vegetables, herbs, and flowers until 2017 in the organic tradition. We now sell Nigerian Dwarf Goats. If you live near Kingston WA you might see us working as you drive by (we are on Miller Bay Rd, about 1/4 mi. south of Kountry Korner).

The farm began as a dream. When Rikke Giles (see below) lived in England for several years back in the 1980s and early 1990s she became attuned to both the organic food movement and the horrible conditions under which factory farming of meat and milk animals takes place in the UK, Europe and the United States. She dreamed of being able to raise her own wholesome food with respect for the environment, the plants, and the animals that provide that food. Starting a farm, a huge step in reality, began with small steps such as growing herbs, vegetables and even corn in pots on the balcony of her flat in Philadelphia. Eventually she moved back home to the Pacific Northwest and obtained a bit of land. That bit of land, with much hard work by both Rikke and her partner, Randy Wagner, has become FoxDog Farm.

Farm in April 2015 FoxDog Farm in April 2015, from the orchard on the hill. The growing fields are in mid-photo, the goats beyond.

Marti IconAbout the FoxDog Farm CSA

FoxDog Farm started running an informal CSA back in 2005, but Rikke and Randy stepped up their efforts in 2009 with an official, advertized to the general public, 20 share CSA. Since then we have run a CSA, usually of Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, every year until 2016.

From 2016 on we have stopped growing produce for sale. Age, time constraints and family concerns have gently (at times) forced us to change the focus of our operations. We've had goats for a long time and we love them. We sell the kids and selected adults and yearlings.

Reyna IconAbout the FoxDog Farm Goats

Our herd is officially called the 'FoxDog Stampede'. We started with goats back in 2003, obtaining 5 young goats as brush eaters. We soon realized that our goats made excellent milkers and switched over to milk production. We now have a steady herd of approx. 25 goats, with more arriving during the kidding season. If you are interested in purchasing a great little milk goat, or a good pet, companion or brush eater, check out our goat webpages and get in touch with us.

About the Farmers

The Farm Sign:  Squirrelized! The Farmers and Their New Farm Sign in 2009, squirrelized! Note this sign is out of date now, as we don't sell Vegetables and Herbs any more!

Rikke Giles:
Rikke started FoxDog Farm by herself back in 1994. She labored alone for 6 years until Randy joined her. She is a bit of a erudite dabbler, being educated in several disparate fields. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in General Engineering and Sub-Atomic Particle Physics, then moved on to a Masters in Archaeology and eventually a PhD in Anthropology. She has authored a book on the archaeology of the Roman Army in Britain. She's a computer programmer and an expert in the Linux operating system. She's currently studying History, Costuming, Farming and Cheesemaking as well as the archaeology of the Roman Army. She is working on an upcoming paper about using computers to analyze the distribution of finds across Roman military sites, and spent 2015/16 working on a small section for the excavation report on the Roman fort at Bearsden, Scotland. Rikke adores her animals, and loves working on the farm. She takes great pride that her little dream farm was able to feed many people for almost 10 years before she had to scale back on the farming!

Randy Wagner:
Randy grew up in rural Pennsylvania and, after working on dairies and other kinds of farms, decided he wanted nothing to do with farming. He joined the Army right out of High School and served 11 and a half years in various places around the world, including Korea, before moving into the Reserves. After his discharge he worked in several different fields, including kitchen finishing, factory work, and internet services. For several years he was part-owner and manager of an Internet Cafe in Boise, Idaho. When he met Rikke, his good intentions about staying away from farming faded. He is now the main muscle behind FoxDog Farm and an enthusiastic promoter of the farm. Randy has taken the art of barbeque to new heights and become a very good cook. His current passion is baking, specifically bread baking (although he makes great pastries and cakes). Ask him about making sour dough bread. He's an expert! One of his dreams is to built an outdoor kitchen, complete with open fire, bbq, bread/baking oven, etc.

About the Farm Name

In 1995, when Rikke first moved to and built the farm, her only companion was a Finnish Spitz named Reyna. Reyna, who died in November 2009, almost 15 years of age, was the inspiration for the name of the farm. When she was a puppy she looked like a fox. In fact, when she and Rikke would go for walks, people would come up to Rikke and ask her about the fox she had on a leash. Because she was so distinctive looking, and because people driving by noticed the beautiful dog running in the fields, Rikke named the farm after her.

In March of 2010 a new foxdog came to the farm. This is Jaska, also a Finnish Spitz, and a distant niece of Reyna. Jaska is a delight, very active and very friendly. As soon as she was big enough she began working in the fields, on mice and vole patrol. She has learned how to harvest her own carrots and turnips, which she loves. Look out when she learns to harvest beans! (One of Reyna's favorites).