FoxDog Farm: Illustrated!

Pictures from the Farm

The farm isn't that big; a little over 12 acres. It is in a beautiful location near Kingston, with views of farmland all around. If we had a slightly taller house, we'd be able to see Mount Rainier from the upper floors. A diversity of wildlife visit us throughout the year, and we actively encourage the critters with bird feeders and large compost heaps. We leave the area nearest the stream natural, to allow for cover for birds, rabbits, foxes and others. The small animals like meadow voles and snakes in the pastures are avidly hunted by a pair of coyotes and their offspring, eagles, hawks, foxes and herons. In the winter we have a large pond, which is visited by hundreds if not thousands of waterfowl. Birds we have seen include bald eagles, red tailed hawks, pygmy owls, red fox (only once, but what a sight), blue herons, woodpeckers, pheasants, quail, rabbits, voles, and all kinds of songbirds.

Unfortunately suburbia is impinging upon us fast, and we suspect this beautiful area of Northern Kitsap will be lost under development within 10 to 15 years; perhaps sooner. So join us in enjoying the beauty and serenity of our surroundings while we all can.