New Chicken Coop at FoxDog Farm

Our new chickens need(ed) a permanent home! When they were really young they lived in the dining room of the farm house. That wasn't going to last long, as you can imagine. So they got a special little brooding house built and got moved out to the garage. The little house is great, but they are growing up fast and need a new coop.

Randy and Rikke designed the coop after looking at numerous books and websites and so on. Once they had their dream coop designed, they went about making it realistic. No, no chandelier in the coop, and no, the chickens didn't need a hot tub. The coop is an 8 by 8 ft square, with windows or air vents on all sides. There is a chicken door and a human door. There will be nesting boxes accessible from outside the coop and the run. The run is set into a corner of the goats area, so the chickens will be able to access the goat pasture when we let them. We hope to allow them to free range most of the time as it's good for them and good for the eggs!

Our friends Paul and Dave are helping to build the coop. Everyone seems to be having a good time at it, and we are quite grateful for the help. So, here's some pics of it as it slowly goes up (we have to find time around farm chores as it's a busy summer!).

First Steps in Building the Coop

A Couple Weekends Later!

Paul came over and he and Randy put down the floor. Yes, the chickens have a vinyl floor in blue and white tiles, so what? It'll be easy to clean, and it was a remnant and cheap. Then they framed out three of the walls. Rikke wasn't around so there aren't any pics of this stage. The Next stage however, Dave and Paul returned and the guys finished the last wall (with the door!) and put up the plywood sheeting. We are now awaiting delivery of the roofing. Rikke wanted a special color!