Chickens at FoxDog Farm!

Our Chickens

In May of 2011 FoxDog Farm finally acquired chickens. We had hesitated over this, not sure we knew how to take care of them. But after reading a few books, perusing a few websites, looking at the little chicks at the local store, we jumped in.

We started with 5 Buff Orpingtons, 5 Ameracaunas and 5 French Marans (about two weeks younger than the others). Of the original 15, two years later, we have 9. Some have died natural deaths, others were taken by the local Wil. E. Coyote. And then, there was Marti...

The icon above is based on a picture of Marti. She was a very friendly chicken, and like many chickens, incredibly curious. She was attacked by a coyote when a young hen, and healed completely from the wounds of her coyote attack, and walked so well we couldn't distinguish her from her chicken friends any more! She would come and help us in the garden, and walk with us around the fields. Sadly, she passed away from old age in the Fall of 2017.

Since the original group of chickens we have acquired more, refreshing the flock every year with new chicks. When we had roosters, one of our chickens would occasionally set on her eggs. We have many 'foxdog' hybrid chickens now!

Our chickens are entirely free range during the day, unless for some reason the farmers, and the foxdog Jaska, will be gone most of the day. This is because Jaska protects the chickens from the coyotes, racoons and various air born predators. If she isn't around, the chickens stay in their run. At night the chickens return to their coop except for the one that always manages to forget how to get there and ends up in a goat hay feeder, or something. There's always that one! Anyway, once that one is rounded up and returned to the coop, they are locked in for the night. This is to protect them from the predators. Jaska does periodic patrols through the night, but she does have to sleep some time...

Because our chickens are entirely free range, please do use caution when driving into the parking area by the house. The chickens may be out and about. Heck, the goats and the dog could be out and about too!

Chicken and Egg Information

Mother Earth News has sponsored a study on free range versus confinement (or grocery store 'free range') eggs. Not surprising to us, the real free range eggs are greatly superior. Here's another link to the article in pdf format.

Interesting facts about chickens and eggs from the backyard chicken site.

Some Chicken Pics As Our First Batch was Growing