Welcome to FoxDog Farm!

THIS is how you enjoy the first of the summer! Eat newly sprouted tree leaves!

This website is the companion to our Farm, FoxDog Farm. Here you can find out about happenings at the farm, the classes we offer and some of the FoxDog Farmers' interests.

FoxDog Farm has been in operation for over 20 years, either as a private family farm or a farm providing a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program. We, Rikke and Randy - the farmers - have aged as the farm has grown and prospered. We are currently working on changing the direction of our farming operation to allow us a bit more free time and we are evaluating what such a change might mean for ourselves and our customers.

We are growing selected vegetables in 2017, mostly to feed family and friends. We are also producing eggs, and will have the usual selection of overwhelmingly cute baby goats available in June-July (after they are born in May). As always, we offer classes to those who are interested.

In 2017 We Offer:

  • Free Range Eggs from our own Pastured Chicken Flock
  • Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats: Kids available from kidding season (May in 2017) and selected yearlings and older adults available year round.
  • A very limited amount of vegetables and herbs. If you are stopping by to get eggs and want some veggies - Ask!

Currently at FoxDog Farm

  • Baby goats are here! They are a bit later than usual, which has worked out well considering our rainy and cold winter/spring. See pics on the baby goats page!
  • The chickens are laying. So we have fresh eggs for sale!.
  • We have selected goats - yearlings, and older adults for sale! See them on the sales page. Joining them soon will be this year's crop of goat kids!
  • We are willing to teach classes if you are interested in them. Check out the class page to see what we offer. The 2017 schedule is wide open; so if you want to learn something, let us know! We do one and one teaching as well as larger classes. So, consider joining us for a class and if you are interested in something special, please let us know so we can accommodate those interests! (Contact info in sidebar).