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Eggs and Flowers: Spring is Here!

This website is the companion to our Farm, FoxDog Farm. Here you can find out about happenings at the farm, the classes we offer and some of the FoxDog Farmers' interests.

FoxDog Farm has been in operation for 20 years, either as a private family farm or a farm providing a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program. We, Rikke and Randy - the farmers - have aged as the farm has grown and prospered. We are currently working on changing the direction of our farming operation to allow us a bit more free time and we are evaluating what such a change might mean for ourselves and our customers.

We are taking a break for the 2016 season and will not be producing a CSA. We are working on transitioning to the farm to a slightly 'easier' focus on growing only a few types of vegetables for sale. We will still be offering goats, goat kids and eggs for sale in 2016

Look for upcoming changes in 2017!

We offer:

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The Kids are Arriving!

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We use farm membership money to help buy organic non-GMO seed and convert more of our operation to certified organic feed. Farm membership is $50 a year and earns you a 10% discount on everything we sell.

Farm Visits

The farm is open for tours by CSA Shareholders and Farm Members. Tours are one hour long and will be tailored to your interests: the goat facilities, chicken area(s), farm fields, greenhouse facilities and so on. All others desiring a tour will need to pay a tour fee of $40.00 (which includes a tour for up to 4 people). Groups numbering over 4 people must pay an additional cost for those that bring the group over 4 in number of 15$ per person. All tours must be booked in advance. See the sidebar for our contact information.

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